Monday, May 11, 2009

Best. Weekend. EVER.

This weekend was one of the best weekends EVER. And I'm not just saying that to make fun, I'm being serious. It was a much needed repreive from the pain that is the Ironman. I probably shouldn't have missed that workout on Friday or the bike ride on Sunday, but man, I feel soooo much better that I did. I was exhausted.

Friday I woke up and remained in a zombie-like state until I went to bed that evening. Tommy and I cooked dinner, cleaned a little and I went to bed around 9...Tommy stayed up and worked till about 1am. Ouch.

We woke up at 6:30am (which is sleeping in, BTW) and hit the streets for a run. I had a request from my doc that I do a long run this weekend to see how my knee was feeling. We had a plan to run 13-15 miles...semi-near the house so if I broke down, I could get saved semi-easily. We ran down to Buffalo Bayou and ran around that loop, then back up the Heights trail and cut across to our 'hood. My knee felt pretty good! I was highly impressed. Apparently the fish oil pills he put me on made a difference. Wierd. The only problem was that I hadn't tried to run 13 straight miles since before the marathon (and it was HOT on Saturday), so we were pretty slow and my legs were pooped afterwards. All in all, a successful workout.

On the way home, we found a yard sale and got some much needed patio furniture...dinner on the veranda anyone?

We showered real fast, and then hopped on our bikes to meet the crew for lunch at La Mexicana...also known as the most expensive disgusting mexican food restaurant EVER. I don't recommend it.

Then we headed to the Art Car Parade. Matt painted a VW van last year to look like the Alamo...The Alamobile. It's pretty spectacular. Drinks in hand, we enjoyed a hot summer day in Houston. I painted posters, Francis took pictures, Janelle tried to pretend that I am as photgenic as she is, and fun was had by all.

Matt and his masterpiece.

The crew in front of the Alamobile...sans Francis.

Me, Roxie and the Alamobile.

Tommy hugs BrilloMan. I requested a divorce.

Me and Tommy smiling pretty for Francis. Surprisingly, this is a decent shot. It's amazing what good lighting can do for ugly people.

This is ridiculous.

Then we rode back to Francis's for drinks in the garden...siiigh...and then rode home to shower real quick and head to the Post-Art Car Parade Crawfish Boil sponsored by none other than himself, Mr. Matt.

Natalie and Micah joined us at Shady Tavern, where we ate delicious crawfish, drank beer, rum and some mystery punch and played the evening away...until Tommy passed out in the corner and Matt made us leave. Tragedy. Hahahaha.

We went home, I made popcorn and watched Gossip Girl and left Tommy to sleep it off on the couch while I enjoyed having the bed to myself. Is that wrong?? We woke up at 7am, made breakfast and ate on the patio (with our new furniture!) and went back to bed. Sundays don't get any more magical than that my friend!!

We laid out, went to the grocery store, cooked scallops for dinner (and ate on the patio) and went to bed early.

Seriously. Best. Weekend. Ever. And JUST what the doctor ordered. Good friends and good times.

Now hopefully the weather will behave and we can float the river this weekend!!


Anonymous said...

It was a great weekend. Barb (micah's mom) saved my pants from red mystery punch. Seriously, how many drinks were spilled that night? I blame the uneven tables. ~Natalie

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

I don't think any drinks were spilled that night. Ha. Ow. The tables ARE ghetto. Gotta love the Shady!