Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bad Santa

We finally had our Bad Santa Christmas Party, and luckily Leslie Gonzales did not come.

A couple of highlights:

1. Tommy bought cups with nametags on them. Awesome.
2. Jamey wrote "Germs" on his cup...not surprising.
3. Katy opened the vibrator...but then stole my movie. Jerk.
4. Tommy became so intoxicated that he was unable to get out of bed until 2PM the following day. When he finally emerged he walked hunched over like a Cro-Magnon Man.
5. Kate snorted at least 9000 times.
6. Tamer brough a vinbrator that says mean things like, "I have a headache" and "Not tonight sugar"

7. Sagar did not take home his presents...I think it is because he lives with his parents.
8. Brandie was too much of a wussie to get the present she really wanted.
9. And the ultimate point of the story is that Roy took home a butt plug.

Roy took home the butt plug. He won it and, lo and behold, no one stole it from him. I can't imagine why. Our story begins...

Roy gets home and throw the butt plug (still packaged and in the gift bag) on the floor of his apartment. At a later time, he went to the office of his complex to pick up a delivery. The girl in the office who is "smokin' hot" asked if she could have the boxes that were delivered to Roy once he got his gifts out of them. Roy, being the nice guy that he is, said, yes of course. Said girl, we will call her Ashley, ends up moving earlier than expected and needs the boxes earlier. She calls Roy earlier today - Roy ends up telling her to just go in his apartment to get the boxes that he has stacked up next to the door...next to the butt plug. Smokin' Hot Ashley is gonna have a nice surprise when she pops into Roys house today...


Brandie Kay said...

OMG!!! How could you not tell me about Roy??? That's hilarious...and I'm still upset about not getting the present! Such an idiot!

Anonymous said...

You didn't tell me that it was a bad santa party, then I would have made the drive! ha! Hope you have fun with the vibrator! You missed out on the party Saturday, wish you could have been there. Much fun to be had with girl poker, and me being obnoxious (well when is our group just going to come to expect this from me??) ~Natalie