Monday, November 26, 2007

Who IS This??

Long introduction to a story:

I have a friend named Leslie Smith (name has been changed) who I have known for the better part of my life. We were great friends growing up, through elementary and middle school, but lost touch in high school, and didn't really talk at all during college or after. Our parents are great friends still and see each other at least once a week at church. I have kept up with Leslie's goings ons via their gossip. I know she moved to Houston after college, went to law school, graduated and married a man who lives here. We had dinner once, about 2 years ago, and it was fun, but once again, we just lost touch.

She and her family came to the wedding - it was great to see her again and catch up (as much as you can actually "catch up" at a wedding). We discovered that she actually works about 2 blocks from our house and we decided that we should get together.

Tommy and I are having a Christmas party in a few weeks - there is so much alcohol left over from said wedding, and what better way to get rid of some of it! I wanted to invite Leslie and husband, so I emailed the email address I have with the Evite. When you send an evite you can tell who has opened their evites or not, and I noticed that in 2 weeks, Leslie had not opened hers.

I have her phone number, so I thought I would text her and ask her for her email address. The conversation went like this:

Me: What's your email address? We are having a Christmas party...
Leslie: A Christmas party? Yay!! It's How's your Thanksgiving?
Me: Good, just puttering. Did you go to Dallas?
Leslie: Sounds like fun. No, I came to San Antonio.
Me: Yeah - we stayed home to try to clean our post wedding house. Haha. I'll send you the evite later. We need to hang out soon!
Leslie: Ok, awesome. Send me the evite...and yes, we do need to hang out.
Me: Yayy! Happy Thanksgiving!
Leslie: You too! :)

Okay, there were a few things that confused me in this conversation, but I didn't think much of it.
Number 1: Leslie is from Dallas, but I thought maybe her husband was from San Antonio, although I had always thought he was from Houston.
Number 2: She has a law degree and I knew she just got a new job at a law firm - why would she have a email address? But I thought maybe her hubby was a big techie nerd and had his own webspace, etc...

So, I got home later that day and sent the evite to Yesterday, Leslie RSVP'd to the evite with comments. Now, while I looooove it when people RSVP, this one was a bit strange.

Leslie's paraphrased response:
Free booze on the night of my last final of the semester? WAHOO! I'm in! And I may bring a few crackheads to come and steal all your wedding gifts!

Leslie Smith is a reserved character - when I knew her she was a quiet girl, who spent most of her time with her nose in a book. I don't think much changed, seeing as how she actually graduated law school. The Evite response triggered a little more than a nagging in the back of my head. Oh, and as far as I knew, Leslie had graduated law school over a year ago...and I headn't heard anything about her going back.

I thought it might be best to verify via email with Leslie that she was in fact my friend. I did this nochalantely at first, but eventually had to come right out and is our email exchange:

Christy to Leslie:

Did you get the evite? I thought you were done with school? I'm very confused!! Anyways, since you work down the street now, we should get happy hour sometime - we pretty much live at Onion Creek!

Hope Thanksgiving was great!

Leslie to Christy:

Yea, I got it, I responded and I might bring a friend or two if thats ok. And YES, i love happy hours! ;) so just let me know whenever if you want to get together after work sometime.

Talk to ya soon!

**Comments from Christy: I knew at this point that something was wierd. She didn't mention the fact that it appears that she went back to school and doesnt acknowledge my offer of Onion Creek...if you are anywhere near our 'hood, you loooove Onion Creek.

Christy to Leslie:

Who is this? I think I have the wrong friend...

**At this point, I figure out that something has gone terribly wrong with my eviting.

I call Leslie, well, I call the number for Leslie Smith that I have in my phone - and no one picks up. It goes straight to voicemail. The voicemail is a MALE. He says, "This is Leslie Gonzales, I am unable to answer your call right now, leave a message, etc...". Leslie is a BOY! At this point, I freak out a little, as he had previously stated that he will be bringing crackheads to our Christmas party to steal all our presents.

I respond to him with this email:

Christy to Leslie:

Yeah, I am pretty sure I have the wrong friend, as I dont believe I know any males named Leslie. Somehow your name got messed up in my phone book with an old girl friend of mine named Leslie as well. I am guessing you don't actually know me, right?

**I freak out and start cyber stalking Leslie Gonzales as much as I can. I also proceed to stalk Tommy via any method available...he liked it. Since Tommy was MIA, Brandie was my confidante. At her desk, we determine that the phone number is a San Antonio based number, but this doesn't do us much good because no one actually has a local number anymore. Gonzales Computing Systems is a small business computer solution company based in San Antionio, and owned by someone who is likely Leslie's father (same last name and older...coincidence?), and that Leslie Gonzales does in fact work for them...but they have an office in Houston, so he could work there. There aren't specifics. I am RACKING my brain trying to think of Leslie's, but I have no idea who this person is.

All we can think of is there are 4 reasons a person would accept an evite from someone they don't know:

1. They are psychotic and want to come to the party so they can kill everyone.
2. They are psychotic and want to break in and steal all our wedding gifts.
3. They are bored and actually want to come to the party where they know no one.
4. They thought it would be funny to respond and have no intention of coming.

Odds are that Leslie is a nice guy, but its hard to know from his voicemail box recording.

Luckily, he calls me back. He says he was in the bathroom when I called - sorry. I say, "We don't actually know each other, do we?" He says that my number was in his phone, but he doesn't know who I am either. Okay, at this point, things are just so wierd. I have a man's number in my phone, under a similar name, and that person just so happens to have my number as well? Wierd wierd wierd. Anyways, I ask him what name the number was under and he says Christy Maiden Last Name. Since there was no way for him to have known my maiden name, I believe him - all evites and such were sent out under my new email address. Things are getting wierder and wierder. We discuss a few things, while trying to figure out who we are, since are obviously great friends of olde. Ha.

Anyway, I finally ask him if we went on a date a couple of years ago.
He says, "Maybe?"
I say, "Do you have dark hair?"
He says, "Yes."
I say, "Did we maybe meet up at Front Porch?"
He says, "Do you have light brown hair?"
I say, "Yes."
He says, "Then yes, I think we did."

Hahahahaha. At this point, I am just baffled at how this could have happened. He kind of indicates that he would still like to come to the party, but frankly, that kind of wierds me out, so I tried to uninvite him as nicely as I could. I'm not sure univiting people is EVER nice, but I tried. If I remember correctly, he was a nice guy, but we just didn't hit it off, so he isn't crazy or anything, so if he showed up, it wouldn't be tragic, just kind of odd. Maybe he is the soulmate of one of my gal pals!! Hahaha.

This story has a point: be careful when you use Evite. That thing could be dangerous!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's really scary. Crackheads? Did he think that he knew you, or he just likes to crash parties? What a wierdo. ~natalie