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On the last day of this year, and in an effort to appear to be busy at work, I will take a few moments to review 2007, The Year of Yayyy!!

On December 25, 2006, Tommy asked my dad for permission to marry me. Dad said yes. I then spent the next 60 days waiting for a proposal. He is an exasperating man.
The first weekend in January, we went to New Orleans (well, Covington), for Tommy's nephew, Jacob's baptism, and the other nephew, Jackson's birthday. It was a big family event and my first attempt at fitting in...
On Jan 14, Tommy and I ran the Houston Marathon. I set a PR, albeit a poor one, but a PR nonetheless, of 4:43:09. Tommy beat his goal time of 4 hours, by finishing in 3:59:59. Quite impressive. Afterwards, we had our annual Post-Marathon Keg Party, where I, in traditional form, was unable to have fun, and Tommy proceeded to sprain his ankle. We spent the next day groaning in bed.

Since we bought far too much beer for the After Marathon Party, we had a Drink The Other Keg Party the next weekend. The highlight was Tommy dunking his ring...he didn't dunk it well, but he dunked it with gusto. In February, we spent a lot of time at St. Arnolds, drinking free beer, and FINALLY on February 23, Tommy proposed. Of course I said yes. Who could refuse this guy?? The next night, we went to the Starbucks Party at the Museum (which sounds lame, but is totally fun), and then met our friends out at The Marquee to say goodbye to TTiiffaannee. We miss her.
We started planning our wedding, which is very likely the most intimidating thing I have done thus far in life. But we planned it nonetheless.

March in Houston = RODEO, so we scored tickets to Rebe McIntire. We took the day off and played at the Rodeo...always big fun.

On April 15 we competed in our first Olympic Distance Triathlon - it is about a quarter of a full length Ironman. We swam 0.92 miles, biked 26 miles and ran 6.2 miles - it was a blast. Seriously, way better than a marathon. However, it was so cold at the start that I was crying hysterically. Hysterically. The temperature outside was about 42 degrees, and of course we were the only two who didn't have wetsuits. It was so cold outside that it was warmer in the water, so they had us start in the water so as to preempt any shock. Are you effing kidding me??

April 28th was the Celebration of Amanda's 25th birthday. In traditional Amanda style, she organized a fabulous theme party. Everyone dressed in high school attire - there were cheerleaders, nerds, football players, and I wore my cap and gown. I even passed out graduation announcements. We voted on Prom Queen and King and then headed out to the bars. We were the American Pie.

The first week in May, Tommy and I went to Scottsdale, AZ for a vacation. Lots of laying around and being vegetables (oh, and drinking). On day one, I got too drunk to play golf and/or even ride in the cart, so I passed out on the balcony of our hotel room while TB enjoyed his outing alone. Ooops. There were a bunch of girls at the pool that I really wanted to be friends with (i heart making vacation friends). Well, we ended up swapping magazines (some mailed catalogs, etc...). The next day at the pool, one of my girl crushes asks me if my name is Christy. I say, "Why yes, creepy girl crush. How do you know my name?" Apparently, my name and address were on the J Crew catalog I gave them the day before. And even more strange, Girl Crush Number 1 lives 2 houses down. Bizarre. Even more strange was when we got back to Houston, I ran into her at the grocery store. She was on the phone (apparently to one of my other Girl Crushes) and was said, "Oh my, it's Scottsdale girl". Hahaha.

We met our friends Gary and D in Austin for a race called the Muddy Buddy. You have a buddy, and the two of you alternate between biking and running - the highlight being the 200 foot mud it at the end. Well, the highlight could the mass shower at the end, but I guess it depends on your opnions. The day before the race, the four of us accidentally got wasted at the Gingerman in Austin and proceeded to have a food fight at Gatti's. To this day, I do not know how we didn't get kicked out.

Other things in May: I got 3 moles removed and apparently I am allergic to Latex because my entire back turned into one big terrible rash. We went on a double date with Kate and Keith to an Astros game. We got to start cake tastings. I found the most amazing wedding dress EVER. My lease finally ended with Raphael Perez aka The World's Most Creepiest Landlord. We went to NOLA for a friends wedding (most extravagant wedding I've ever seen) and while there went on a swamp tour.

In June, we went to a work Crawfish Boil in Sargent, Texas. The land of beautiful women and even more beautiful men. Catherine had a couple's shower and Hilary stayed with us and we got to catch up. Tommy's birthday and fathers day were spent in Dallas with the fam and went to dinner with Gary and D.

In July, the highlight was the fact that we were robbed, but other joyful events were Catherine and Nate's wedding in new Orleans. All of our girlfriends were there and we had a fabulous time on Boubon Street. After we got our security system in place, I went and met Tommy in Toronto and then the two of us made the trek to Niagara Falls.
August was a big month. My mom's friends threw me a bridal shower and I had my bachelorette party. The shower was fabulous and my bach party EVEN BETTER. We floated the river and gossiped that good girls do. All my ladies were there and we had a fabulous time - nice job Cathy!! Ed's birthday took us to Stages Theater to see a one-man play called Late Nite Catechism which was HYSTERICAL, and I'm not even Catholic.
September started recruiting at work, big long training runs, Aggie Football, and my wedding dress arrived!! Kristin and Eric got hitched - their wedding was a blast, despite the lack of AC. My friends built an Aggie Tailgating Machine, called Bus 42, and we made the trek to CS several times to enjoy it. The end of September brought us to Wehner Weekend and a couple's shower for us. My parents came in and we did lots of drinking...ow.
In October, I sprained my ankle, which basically means I hated life, but that can be observed more in these few blogs. I didn't eat, I didn't drink and the wedding was one month away. I think I was very pleasant to be around. Ha.

In November, Tommy and I finally got married. I feel so lucky to have married my best friend and that he is willing to put with me. It's not a small feat. Afterwards, we went to the Carribbean for our honeymoon, which was equally fabulous. So You Think You Can Dance came through on tour and Tommy, being the fabulous man that he is to, took me. We were the oldest people in the audience without kids. Then of course, it was Thanksgiving.

November 30-Dec 1, was the greatest weekend EVER. On Friday night, we played in a Flip Cup Tournament hosted by Shady Tavern and organized by my dear pal FraFra. Our team was Dude, Where's My Bike? and we dressed as mormons. Unfortunately, as mormons are wont to do, we lost the tournament. Tragic. On Saturday, we went to Dallas for Tiffany's birthday aka Santa Pub Crawl. Brock wanted us all to wear SAnta costumes, but those were too expensive for TB and I, so we wrapped ourselves in Christmas paper and went as presents. If you are single (or taken) and want to get laid, wrap yourself in Christmas paper - seriously, it was th ebest man magnet I have ever had.

And that brings us to December...Cathy graduated from tu, we had a Bad Santa Christmas Party, my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary, and then we went to Dallas for the holidays. In Dallas, I got to see my friend Ben, who I never get to see and hopefully I convinved him to move to the Greater Texas Area. We hung out with Gilmore and Sara, Paige and Zach, Emily and her family, Gary and D, The Elliots, Amanda, and then rounded out the week with a trip to San Antionio to watch the Aggies lose at the Alamo Bowl with my Wehner pals.

Now, on the last day of the year, I am at work, wishing I had slept later, nursing a somewhat painful hangover, about to leave to prepare for a night of fun and games with Edwardo.

Thanks to all my friends and family - you guys have loved me and supported me through a lot this year. You are all appreciated more than you know. I heart you all.

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