Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Moving Day.

From Erik:

In this article...
... there are types of orchids that smell like female wasps, so that the male wasps will get horny and attempt to mate with the flower. This is how the flower spreads its pollen.

So let's summarize.. we'll call the orchid "Laura" and the wasp "Tony". Laura needs something (pollen) moved from one place to another, so she lets Tony believe he will be getting sex. So Tony shows up in a powerful hurry, and takes the pollen where it needs to be. In the end, Laura got what she wanted, and Tony just screwed a plant.

Memo to guys sweating in UHaul trucks this summer: you are Tony.


I'm gonna be moving soon and might need some help [batting my eyes and trying to create cleavage]...

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