Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Loverly People.

So, there is a man with whom I am 'forced' to deal with on a weekly basis. We will call him Henry. I am not a huge fan. Henry thought it would be 'fun' for his girlfriend to come and join the party earlier this week. I thought I would be 'nice' and introduce myself. Let us not forget that I am typically not nice and I am especially not nice to people who are associated with people I don't like. Therefore, Henry's girlfriend was an immediate threat to my niceties. But I forged through it.

I went up to her and said, 'Hi, I'm Christy - we've heard a lot about you'. Which, of course was a lie, because men like Henry don't talk about their girlfriends...but whatever. Her response to my friendly greeting was 'okay'. Hahahahaha.

Let's recap:

Me: 'Hi, I'm Christy - we've heard a lot about you'
Henry's GF: 'Okay'

Yea, please Henry's GF, don't tell me your name or try to be a decent human being. Just sit there and continue to look hungry. Henry, give the girl a sandwich. She's starving. But seriously, who responds with 'okay' to a polite introduction? Apparently, Henry's GF does.

Sooooooo...once more notch on the list of why I don't like Henry.

All of this after my horoscope said I would have a romantic evening on Saturday night...instead my man-toy fell asleep in lieu of picking me up for dinner. Stupid horoscope. More like horrorscope.

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