Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ice Cream Truck Post...wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...

Back story: I have those kinds of locks on the doors of my house that are unlocked on the inside, but are locked on the outside...similar to a hotel room door. You can see why that would be a problem, right?

A few weeks ago (okay, a few months ago) me and the girls planned a trip to Austin for the weekend...a mini-vacation if you will. I am sitting at my desk waiting for Whitney and Kari get to my house. All of the sudden I hear "The Ice Cream Truck Song". Well, I haven't been living in a neighborhood for very long and this is my first encounter with a real live ice cream truck. My heart starts beating a little bit faster. Right at this moment, Whitney pulls up. I get super excited. Whitney AND ice cream? Um, okay!! So, I jump up and run out of the house. Right as I shut the door, I realize that I never unlocked the door. Crap.

At this point, the wonder of the ice cream truck has worn off. We scramble around the house. There are no open windows. There are no unlocked doors. There are no spare keys. My purse, phone, etc...are in locked in the house. And I don't know about you, but I don't know a single persons phone number by heart (with the exception of my parents house phone - which does me no good at this point). Me, being the prepared person that I am, made sure that one of my good friends in town had a spare key. Smart me!!

So, we try using Whitney's phone to contact her. Unfortunately, while Janelle and I are good friends, I have absolutely no idea what Janelle's last name is, so I can't call information on her. It is at this point that I realize that I also have no idea where she lives. Not even a vague idea of what neighborhood she lives in. The only mutual friend Janelle and I have, Kate, would have her phone number...except that Kate had a tonsilectomy that morning and couldn't talk on the phone. Great. What are the odds. The only person who could contact Janelle can't talk.

So, I try calling Paige ( I can't remember the logic in that). Well, I get Paige's parents - her dad. The conversation goes something like this:

Me: Hey Mike, this is Christy BEnnett - Paige's friend
Paige's Dad: Paige?
Me: Yes, Paige
Paige's Dad: Paige?
Me: You do have daugher named Paige, right?
Paige's Dad: I'll have to call you back.

Are you kidding me? APPARENTLY, I woke him up, but seriously.

Eventually, it occurs to me that I have my landlords phone number in an email somewhere. So, we call Amanda and she breaks into my email to get the phone number. We call the landlord (wacko) and she says she will be home in 2 hours. What else could we do but go to Bubba's - the local bar. It is 3pm on a Friday and we are the only females in the bar. I don't think I have ever been ogled like that before. But we got a few free beers (which was good, cause I didn't have a purse, or wallet or phone or livelyhood). Yea Bubba's.

Landlord gets home, unlocks the door - tells me about the hidden key in the garage. Why didn't she mention that 2 hours ago on the phone? No one knows. Reason Numero Uno that indicates my landlords are wackos.

Me and the girls FINALLY hop in the honda and begin our journey to Austin...Kari liked sitting in the back seat with Don. He is very cuddly.

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