Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I remember now I why I discarded the other blog that I had...I am horrible at keeping up with the writing.


But to fill you in on some more of the "activity"...

Post dated about 2 months ago: I drove the Honda to work one day for reasons that I fail to remember. The plan for after work was to run home, let Donny out, go to the WW and then come home and watch the toob with Thomas and Natalie. I arrive home, and park in the middle of the driveway (just perfectly so the jeep is blocked in) and I let Don out, blah blah blah. Get back in the Honda and, of course, it won't start. Won't even turn over. Won't even flicker. Nothing. Not my fault though...the lights were all off and all that jazz...the battery was just really old.I can't jump the honda because:

A.) I have no idea where my jumper cables are
B.) The jeep is turned the other way and I can't make that happen

So, I call a guy to come out and jump it. That works. He tells me to drive around for awhile to recharge the battery. It's at about this time that Thomas arrives at my house for tv watching. Little does he know that this evening is about to suuuuuuuuck. We get in the honda and drive it for a little bit. Bear in mind, this was all very spur of the moment, so I am wearing house slippers and no bra.


Well, about 2 miles down the road, little honda dies. We push him into the old Eckerd parking lot where a homeless man tells us he is the guru of all things that is broken cars. Well, he gets in my car, WITH A CIGARETTE, and tries to start it. Of course, it didn't work, so he shuts the door...WITH A LIT CIGARETTE. Who does that?? Now my crappy little car not only won't start, but now it smells like I am a chimney sweep. Thomas and I walk the 2 miles back to my house - neither of us has a phone on was so spur of the moment. And I am still wearing slippers and no bra. In the ghetto. My very small boobies are just banging around out there. Unacceptable.

We go to Wal-mart, we get a battery, we drive to the honda, but lo and behold, we don't have any of the right tools. So, after an hour of us faking it, we finally get the battery in so I can drive it back to my house.

For goodness sake man!

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