Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lover by Day...

...Screaming banshee by night.  If she were a teenager, all the other kids would be calling her two-faced. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, hey say sleep when the baby sleeps.  But, unfortunately, I did not automatically become nocturnal just because I gave birth.  Soooo, that's a bunch of whooey.  That said, I'm probably getting about 4 hours of sleep a day, which is about what I got pre-baby, so I am doing pretty good.

@Erin - Yeah, I CANNOT believe how much hair she has, but really, it shouldn't be a surprise.  My mom says I got my first haircut at 6 weeks...haha.  The good news is that I have a use for those little baby combs they put in all the safety/grooming kits.  Totally thought that was a joke.  Ha.

@Pam - The dogs have been, well, interesting.  Donny, the older, more docile and less attention seeking one, spends most of his day trying to lick her head and air hump her.  It's really touching to watch.  Dixie, the puppy, the wild but super sweet attention grubbing one, has been totally okay with her...he gets very interested and upset when she cries, which is interesting.  They are both tall enough to see her in her pack-n-play, so they spend a lot of their day just looking at her...just like us.  Ha.  I had a little bit of a breakdown on Sunday when I felt guilty that they weren't getting the attention they need and deserve, but I think once we get back into the swing of things (and I am all healed up), they will get more snuggling again.  Fingers crossed because they deserve it.

@Mary - Her skin isn't too teribly yellow yet, but the whites of her eyes are bright yellow...kind of creepy.  It seems to be getting better though...tough to chase sun around in a townhouse though.  Our sunlight is pretty fleeting. 

Tommy made the trek to Central Market last night, we stocked up on fish, and I had a delicious dinner of sushi and champagne last night.  There is nothing better than some salmon nigiri and a cold glass of bubbly (although, when it's just the two of us, we put our booze in plastic solo cups, but that's not the point...)  Oh, how I missed the cold deliciousness of sushi. 

I've watched more bad tv than I even knew existed.  But I set the DVR to record Family Feud, so I will never miss my beloved Steve Harvey again.  Phew.


Janelle Dickson said...

shes too cute!! i dont believe me, she looks like nothing but a lover! :)


She absolutely adorable! Congrats! And the sleep thing gets better. I promise.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!!! (And has great hair!!) You both look great.

Enjoy your time at home together!!! I hope you get some rest :)

Pam said...

What a little cutie patootie!

Bet that first glass (plastic cup) of bubbly went straight to your head!

JBM said...

Presh! Congrats

Mompetition said...

Comment that should just about cover it...
Truth: She is adorable.
Unsolicited advice.
Cliched advice.
Remark that negates said advice.
Comment of inspiration.
Comment one upping your current struggles with my past struggles.
Book suggestion.
More advice.
End scene.

Angy said...

She's soooo precious!!!!