Thursday, July 20, 2006


I have been having some really effed up dreams lately. Nightmares, wierd stuff, you name it, I dreamt it. I thought maybe it was the drugs I was on from when I was sick, but I haven't been taking them this week, so that doesn't really essplain anything. Apparently, I am just a wacko. My mom is going to the the rapist, so maybe I should too.

Last night, I dreamt that I was on So You Think You Can Dance. But as most dreams go, it wasn't really anything like So You Think You Can Dance. I was supposed to dance with 2 other girls and we were dressed like super heros. I was Wonder Woman. But of course, I looked nothing like Wonder Woman. I DID, on the other hand, paint my fingernails black and use the nail polish to paint a 'W' on my shirt.

At some point, we were in Galveston on a moving island or something and there was a sphere where bikers can ride the full circle - go upside down and stuff. I guess, the Wonder Woman outfit made me feel like I could ride the full sphere. Whatever. So I did that. Then it was time to dance - although we never actually got to the part where we dance.

They had forgotten to teach me the dance, so I was a little freaked out. Catwoman and She-Ra were trying to teach me everything I needed to know, but I wasn't getting it. She-Ra just told me wing it. Basically, they just wanted me to stand in the back and freestyle. Very unfortunate for any TV viewers out there. At this point, Cat Deeley comes out and tells me that it's ou turn - She-Ra, Catwoman and I (Wonder Woman) all prepare to walk on stage. It's at this point that my alarm goes off. I have no idea how I did. Do you think America would have voted me off?

Kick off that Martha chick. Her feet are nasty.

Random facts that I recall from the dream:
My skirt was knee length and very teacher-y. It was silk, but it was pleated. Not in a hot 'school-girl' kind of way.
Catwoman was not nice.
My shirt was a blue baby-tee with a 'W' I painted on it with black nail polish.
The skirt and shirt did not match.
The boat or whatever we were on in Galveston had something I was standing on that I could have fallen off of and died, but I was unconcerned.
I had never ridden a bike before I felt the need to ride all the way around the sphere thing.
On So You Think You Can Dance, you apparently have to do your own hair and makeup. I apparently have never done hair or makeup before.
She-Ra may or may not have had a girl crush on me.

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Alicia said...

your mom is going to the rapist? now that's an unlucky type-o if i ever saw one... and no, i don't think you should go to the rapist either. just one girl's opinion though...