Friday, July 21, 2006

Comic Books...

I have a friend named Ryan, who, unbenownst to me, 'writes' comic books. (Do you write comic books? Or draw them? I dunno.)

First of all, I did not know comic books still existed. Secondly, I did not realize people still read them and thirdly, I definately did not know that people actually wrote them. Regardless, apparently they DO exist, people DO read them and I have a friend who writes them.

He is a finalist in a comic book competition in Cali - he is there right now promoting it (or something). Anyways, do my pal Ryan Burton a favor and vote for his comic book - - so he can win the challenge and go to a comic book convention just like in Chasing Amy.

Vote for Ryan Burton. He is awesome and his comic book looks pretty cool (although, if we are being honest, I have no basis for that opinion whatsoever). It's called the 6 Sinners or something. Go Ryan Go.

I'll delete this post after the competition is over so he doesn't get cyber-stalked or anything.

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