Friday, February 03, 2006

My crappy neighborHOOD!

Last night, I was minding my own business at the tail end of my jog, running on the proper side of the road, I might add, when I hear the screaching of tires and a huge crash. I don't think much of it, because frankly, I live in the ghetto and there is lots of tire screeching all the time, and there is so much construction that big crashes aren't un heard of either. I mean, just the other day, the 37 Mexicans that live next door had a family argument and bashed all of the windows out of one of their 23 beat up Toyotas. That's totally normal. On my other side is a plaster warehouse and sometimes the 37 Mexicans from next door will go to work there and make plaster. That's not relevant to the story. Sorry.

Anyways, so I do finally look behind me and I see a beat up Toyota that got t-boned by a BMW. From what I can tell, the Toyota ran the stop sign, on its way to run me over - I was only a few feet from the intersection, and Miss BMW was minding her own business and hit the piece of crap at about 35 mph. Ish.

14 Mexicans pile out of the Toyota and 1 white chick in a velour jumpsuit eases herself out of her Beamer. I go back and ask if they need help, or need me to call anyone. None of the 14 Mexicans speak any English (yea right) and the white lady, her name is Sherry, I find out later, doesn't have a cell phone. She drives a Beamer, but doesn't have a cell phone? Oh, but one of the 14 does. He has a Razr. He put 14 people in his crappy Toyota, AND he found the cash to get a Razr phone? That's just good multitasking. But I tell Sherry that if she needs anything I live in that house over there...[I point].

I go home, call mom, get some bad news - whole long other depressing blog which we won't write about here. In the middle of the call, I hear knock knock knock. Sherry is at my door. Turns out, Miss Velour Jumpsuit does have a cell phone (phew, I thought the sky was falling), and she also has a drivers license and insurance card, but of course all of those things are in her other velour jumpsuit at the office. Who keeps their insurance card in their jumpsuit?

We discuss her options and determine that the best course of action is just to call the cops and she will get a ticket for no DL and insurance, but all that can get taken care of since she does have a DL and insurance. So, the cops come. I am the only witness (even though I didn't actually see anything), so I have to chat with the cops for forever. At this point, all the 146 Mexicans that live on my street have no congregated in the street - this is the most excitement we have seen since I have lived there. The window bashing was more of a private affair - I only heard it because I live next door. Well, and then there was the time when my car got pushed into the ditch. But all of these events paled in ocmparison to the wreck last night.

Anyways, the cars get towed. I go watch gee tv and go to bed at 8:30. It was a rough day. THEN I overslept this morning. How is that possible? I went to bed at 8:30pm. That means at 4:30 (when the alarm was supposed to go off), I had already had 8 hours of sleep. How much do I really need? Let's be serious here.

On another note, the guy in work group that we don't like is dragging up today! Yeah! No more cursing at his wife or listening to him work his side job. Hopefully whoever moves into his cube doesn't smell.

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