Friday, May 13, 2011

Portable Peeing Devices.

I've decided that someone needs to make a Sneaky Leaker for Miss Anna.  Or a She-Wee.  Or something, because seriously, this diapering thing is out of control.  Yesterday was a 4 bath day and today we were on our third outfit by 9am.  I've lost track of the outfit count at this point.

4 weeks old and modeling baby denim.  There is little else in this world that is more cute than baby denim.

I learned of the She-Wee when Tommy and I first got into triathlon and I was curious what women did during races.  If you google "women peeing in triathlon", the She-Wee is the first link.  Stay classy triathletes.  I never did purchase the She-Wee, because I quickly learned the peeing your pants is totally acceptable while racing and I quickly mastered this skill.  I recommend not touching me post-race.  And not biking behind me.  And, in general, if I am sitting on a curb in the middle of the run, I'm fine...just trying to preserve my socks.  Regardless, making a baby sized version of this would sell like hotcakes (or bagels if you are Heidi Klum).

Triathlon is gross.

In exercise related news, the running is going really well.  I am LOVING being outside but I am still slower than crap and sooo out of shape.  The little underpasses in my neighborhood (we don't have hills, just underpasses and overpasses), used to be cake, but now they are a force to be reckoned with.  Especially against the wind.  Pushing a jogging stroller.  So much pain!  I ran today with my friend Merry and it was wonderful.  It's amazing how much better I can feel when I don't run in the heat of the day and can leave the Anna at home.  I was a running champion!

I signed up for my first post-baby race.  It's a sprint tri in August - I hope I have enough time to prepare.  My only goal is to not embarrass myself.  I'd like to bike 20mph and run 8:30s...if I can do that, I will be COMPLETELY happy.  I haven't been on a bike yet (the fear of the teeny tiny seat hasn't gone away yet), but I'm hoping I didn't lose too much of that fitness since I was spinning up until the last month of pregnancy...we will see!

I may also try to do a few 5k and 10ks this summer, but since triathlon is my first love, it's also top priority on the list!  Tommy is racing Ironman Texas next weekend and he will rock it - even though the last 5 weeks of training were probably not what one would want their last 5 weeks to look like leading up to an IM.  He will be amazing.  And either way, training on no sleep because of living with a newborn is no small feat!  I am so proud of him!  But afterwards, I get to race...and I am soooo excited!!

Stop looking at me.  Or else.

I may have a little Nazi baby.  She is a work in progress.


Heisman Trophy Winner!

I love my daddy!


Janelle Dickson said...

the heisman trophy winner pose looks like the ATNR (asymetric tonic neck reflex) :) she's right on track

Allison said...

She is too freakin' cute... what race are you doing in August???? I'm racing a sprint on 8/13 in Decatur.... all women.... you should come...just sayin'

Angy said...

The shewee looks awesome!! But I like you, have no problem going on the bike or stopping to sit on a curb. :-)

The pictures of Anna are too cute!!!