Sunday, May 08, 2011


The intent of this post is entirely to boast the cuteness of my little monster.  If that nauseates you, and it should, I recommend that you stop reading now.  However, if you live in the greater Houston metro, I recommend you look through this photos and then call Studio Ainsley Photography to set up your next photo session.  This woman is a genius.

My wonderful family!

Adorable little monster!

This was my grandmothers chair - we just had it dry cleaned because she was a huge smoker and it reeked but I LOVED the chair and needed it in my house.  We were so afraid of Anna pooping all over it, but she didn't.  We were so proud.  And then Donny came outside and peed all over it.  Asshole dog.

My gorgeous child and my ridiculous addiction to Etsy.

How she was able to get this picture is absolutely baffling to me.  I worship her.

My cute nugget!

Darn you Etsy and your extreme cuteness!

Etsy took most of my paycheck this month.  Totally worth it.

This is the face that Anna made for most of her first 2 weeks.  

This is the face we WISH she had made for most of her first 2 weeks.
I apologize if you have vomited on yourself.  Send me a bill.  I will pay your dry cleaning.


Pam said...

Dude. Those pictures are the SHIZ. Seriously mad photography skills.

And just look at you. :) You're GORGEOUS!

Angy said...

It's amazing how she got the dogs to pose!!! Absolutely LOVE the pictures!!

Kim said...

omg seriously how cute is she! happy mothers day!

Merry said...

Just had a great time reading over the most recent parts of your blog. You are a real mom now. Good luck for many years to come - it's going to be quite a ride!