Thursday, December 09, 2010

Not Prepared for the Pain.

OMG. I experienced my first pregnancy related leg cramp this morning about 30 minutes before I was supposed to wake up.

I woke up to my own blood curdling scream and the most excruciating pain I have EVER experienced. The cramp lasted about 3 minutes before I was even able to move my foot enough to attempt to loosen the muscles. And only then did the pain lessen even a little. I continued to bite the corner of my bed in pain for about 5 minutes following but at least I could move my foot and stretch the muscles a little.

If labor is worse than that, I'll just keep the baby in me, thanks.


In other news, I had SUCH a good workout yesterday. I ran a quick 2 miles on the treadmill before busting out a body pump class. I felt amazing. I needed that boost very much. It's been awhile since I haven't felt like death during a working. I felt like my old self (almost). I'm going swimming today for the first time in about 4 months. Wish me luck. I may sink.

We picked up and assembled our crib last night! It looks sooo good! It's also way huge-r than we expected it to be. I mean, we measured and stuff and knew it would fit but actually having it, it's huge. I'm pretty sure that I would fit comfortably in it. Bedding won't be here till January though - darn it!

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Adrienne said...

They are so very awful- I could not agree with you more!