Wednesday, December 01, 2010


After people find out I am having a little girl, they ask (among other more inappropriate things) how I plan on decorating the room. When I tell them that her room will be lime green they shudder and say, "but what kind of mother will you be if you don't give the baby the pink room she deserves?"

The horror.

Well, to make those women happy, I made my first pink purchase while on vacation. Our little girl is now the proud owner of a Luche Libre mask, a hot pink Mexican wrestling mask.

It looks something like this...only in pink...which was incredibly hard to find on the internet (but I didn't try that hard):

She is ready for her tutu now!

Sidenote: For some unknown reason, I became obsessed with these masks in Mexico. The good news is that once you have children, you can totally justify your riduculous impulses...because it's for the children. WON'T ANYONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!!?


Tricia said...

hehe love it!

JBM said...

you should get cletus a sword or something too. luv it. you should register for the craziest shit.

Angy said...

That is awesome!!