Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boy or Girl?!?!

Place your bets now!

We find out the sex of Cletus the Fetus next Thursday...assuming said child decides to behave appropriately during the ultrasound. But since this IS my child, it's unlikely that he/she will cooporate and will never actually get to find the answer we are looking for.

Alas, let's make some preliminary guesses using folklore, old wives tales and Chinese theories to predict the gender of Cletus the Fetus. I popped a bit of belly overnight (although, it could just be constipation...), so here is an 18 week picture to help us in our search.

How you are carrying:
Carrying low = Boy
Carrying high = girl


Wedding Ring Swing:
(Hang your wedding ring from string in front of your belly)
If it moves in a circle = Boy
If in a straight line - Girl.


Heart Rate:
Baby's heart rate is under 140 beats per minute = Boy
Baby's heart rate is over 140 BPM = Girl


Chinese Gender Chart:
Chinese age = 29
Conception Month = July


Random People's Opinions:
50% = Boy
50% = Girl

Answer = I assume the lady behind me at Kroger was right.

Sleep Preferences:
Prefer to sleep on your right side = Girl
Prefer to sleep on your left side = Boy


Drano Test:
This "test" is performed by mixing Drano and mother's urine. Depending on the color, you'll find out if it's a boy or girl.

I did not do this test because it involved buying junk. And I am just that lazy.

The results are mixed and, as expected, it's about half and half.

I have no idea and regardless, the kids room will still be blue and green and it WILL come home from the hospital in a tutu. At least Tommy and I agree that all children should be dressed in costumes at all times. Forget onesies. My kid is going as Baby Gaga until it's old enough to fight me.


Allison said...

go by the chineese calendar - it was right with everyone of my nieces and nephews...

also - cleared up the confusion in my post today - after re-reading it; it was a tad confusion.

Can I also tell you that I find it hysterical still thatyou call your unborn child Cletus the Fetus...and I told a lady at work who's pregnant that you call your baby that - we laughed for probably 30 minutes....

Audrey said...

exciting week ahead!

cute belly pic!! :)

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Belly pic = beer gut. Oh well!! That's what I've got!

They say the Chinese calendar is 90% accurate! Hahaha. We will see! The good news is that half of the old wives tales will be right!