Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Ugly. It's REAL Ugly.

I am now 15 weeks pregnant (that's just over 3 months for those of you who don't count in weeks). I thought for sure by now I would have gotten these bigger hooters that everyone talks about, but alas, they are the same sad sacks they have always been. It's tragic really.

I also spent most of Tuesday lamenting my lack of baby bump. I bought a halloween costume a couple of months ago, that I thought would accomodate my growing waistline (I was going as Spock. Ha.), so that even if I just looked fat, I wouldn't be uncomfortable in it. But i've always wanted to be a Slutty German Barmaid. I've never been anything slutty for Halloween before and darn it, I WILL be a barmaid. Someday.

So, on Tuesday, after mucho lamenting, I packed up Tommy and we headed to Frankel's (Houston's best Halloween costume emporium) to get my Slutty German Barmaid costume. While there is still a chance I could get a belly between now and next weekend, there was a bigger chance that Frankel's would run out of the costume...and this was a risk I was not willing to take. So, a Slutty German Barmaid costume I know possess.

Alas, I got it home, once again, after much lamenting about my lack of belly, put it on and lo and behold, I have a belly. I wouldn't call it a Baby Bump per se, but I definitely have a FUPA where I did not have a FUPA before.

Slutty German Barmaids should not have FUPAs. Unless by some stroke of baby love, my FUPA disappears and is replaced by an actual baby bump, I will be singing Crocodile Rock dressed as Spock.

He can hit a mean falseto.


Tricia said...

ha! thanks for the laugh

(I say go for the slutty bar maid)

Pam said...

Okay, this post was funny. And then it was HILARIOUS after I googled FUPA to see what the hell it stood for.


I still say rock the slutty barmaid outfit.

Love and Puppies, Christy said...

I hope you didn't google FUPA at work! We will see about the barmaid outfit - I'll keep you guys posted on the results. Depending on the level of hilarity, you may or may not get pictures.

natalie said...

I have a barmaid costume you can borrow! Remember the one my mom made? If I can get an invite and convince Micah maybe we'll come to the Halloween party after the tech game.....