Monday, March 30, 2009

1 Week Till Opening Day!!

So, the Lonestar tri is this weekend. I'm super excited to get the season started, but I am a little scared too. I am in MUCH better shape this time around than I was in October for my last race, but with that MUCH better shape comes MUCH higher expectations. I hope I can meet them.

My first hurdle is the weather. As of now, the weather at 7am is expected to be around 60...that's a pretty freaking cold outdoor swim. Water temp is questionable, but probably in the low 70's. Which is pretty freaking cold. I kind of wish I had a wet suit, but that would take all the sport out of it, ya know.

The second hurdle is that my shoulder is still bothering me. I think I'll be okay for the swim - I can power through (I hope), but it won't be fun.

Hurdle number three is the wind. As of today, we are looking at 17mph winds from the NW. OUCH. That's some steady wind my friend. Luckily, our entire race runs from NE to SW (and vice versa), so we won't ever be directly into the wind, but that also means we won't ever have it at our backs either. And I SUCK in a crosswind. So, that'll be interesting.

Hurdle numero quatro is that my knee still sucks. I've been all the rehab, but it still sucks. I am planning on doing a run/walk for the run portion. I think my plan will be to walk for 1 minute at every mile marker. Ugh. I'm not happy about it, but I think it is the only way my knee will survive.

This all being said however, I think I can still make 6 hours. It'll take some luck, but I still think it's possible. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!


Anonymous said...

Haha. I thought this one was gonna be about baseball...Go Stros!

I looked up the swim times from last year, I think nobody swam under 30 min and only the top dogs who go under 5 hours swam in the low 30's. Not sure if there was big wind/current or not but it could take a while. Especially for me if I am doing it with one arm...

I reeeally hope that the wind is not bad. But if so, it should be good practice for Cozumel. We really need to be comfortable in the aerobars with strong winds/crosswinds...there's no "cry" in "tri".

I'm getting nervous, good thing Sabotage will be playing during the run! Ha.


Love and Puppies, Christy said...

Baseball schmaseball. But Go 'Stros! We will be there on the second opening day?!?!

It wasn't me. It was the one armed man. Soooo, you're saying 31 minutes is a lofty goal? Stupid current.

So far, there has been lots of 'cry' in my tri, but I'll try to be cool on race day. Promise.

Listen all of ya'll it's a SABOTAGE!!!!!