Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big Fat Cow.

As most of you know, I am to be married in 2.1 weeks...and my wedding dress is too small. but the good news is that I am apparently not the only one who thinks I should shed a few pounds. I recieved the magazine "Heifer International" in the mail today. And yes, it was addressed to me...not to "Our Neighbor", but directly to me. On the cover is a huge woman next to her beloved heifer.


Anonymous said...

what the hell?! Don't worry you are going to fit in it! Otherwise they have tons of undergarmets that will make you fit into it! How's the ankle? ~Natalie

Erik said...

Wow. I am inspired to wreak momentary-second-guessing-of-coincidence havoc on the emotions of my friends. Seriously, ebay has magazine subs for $3. That is worth it for somebody to get Heifer International. I only wish I knew who did this to you, so that I could buy them a beer.

See you in a week!