Thursday, September 14, 2006

Donuts. My one true love.

Apparently sales at Krispy Kreme have drastically declined since I took my No Donuts Vow on December 19, 2005. I have not consumed a donut since December 19, 2005. Let me clarify: I have not consumed a DONUT since December 19, 2005. This does not include all food stuffs purchased from ye olde donut shoppe. Kolaches are not donuts. Muffins are not donuts. Bagels are not donuts. Donuts are donuts. If it isn't actually CALLED a donut, it isn't a donut and therefore, I still eat it. Unless it is bread covered in cheese.

News article:

Krispy Kreme Sees Decline in Sales

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) - Krispy Kreme Doughnuts said Monday it expects to report a loss for the second quarter and predicted a $30 million decline in revenue for the period because it has fewer company-owned stores.
The company's announcement said it expects revenue in the quarter to drop from $140 million last year to $110 million this year. Systemwide, sales fell about 15 percent, the company said.
The company also said its financial results continue to be adversely affected by legal and regulatory costs.
Despite the gloomy results, company Chief Executive Daryl Brewster said Krispy Kreme was making progress.
"In the United States, we saw signs of stability in company stores as evidenced by average weekly sales trends," Brewster said. "We also advanced our international expansion plans with the signing of franchisees in six new markets."

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