Friday, April 28, 2006

Take the cash and run...

After getting advice on bike helmets I sent this photo to Roy at 8:03PM:

What follows is the text conversation that ensued.

Roy 8:08: Dear God. Respect yourself.
Christy 8:15: If you want my body and you think I’m sexy…
Roy 8:13: That helmet doubles as a chastity belt if worn away from your bike.
Christy 8:19: You’re funny today.
Roy 8:20: That I am. U R 2 in that lid
Christy 9:37: It’s amazing that I even have friends. I pay them well.
Roy 9:39: Where’s my money? Don’t say it…I’m not a friend and therefore I get no cash.
Christy 9:41: I let you touch my boobies once. You can’t have it all.
Roy 9:42: Point made.
Christy 9:43: Ha! I win!
Roy 9:46: I wasn’t gonna say this, but since you’re gloating…Had I known there was a cash option, I might have passed on the boobies. O snap.
Chirsty 9:48: I hate you more everyday.
Roy 9:50: Good to know. Does that mean I won, or did we tie?

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