Thursday, February 14, 2008

Finally. A Good Day.

Yesterday was my first good day (well, good weekday) in a looooong time. I had a decent day at work, I planned 2 trips to visit Paige in Portland this year, I had the most AMAZING run, I cuddled with my man on the couch while watching American Idol, I ate sushi, I went to bed early and I slept like a baby. Seriously. Best. Day. EVER.

In better news, I am moving to a new desk tomorrow - which means I don't have to sit next to crazy people anymore...or if I do end up next to crazy people, at least they will be NEW crazy people, and it will take awhile for their crazy to come out. I get to start a new project, which will hopefully not make me crazy and I am taking on some new/different week is the first week of the rest of my life!! Hahaha. But seriously, I can't wait. I need my job to not hate me right now.

Funny things that happened this week: Nothing.

Sorry for the lame-o-ness of this entry. We really haven't left the house much since Rock Band was acquired..because, I mean, why would you leave when you could play Rock Band? I don't know.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good day! Hope work will get better! Rock band is great! I love to sing Maps, that is all the skill that I have. Happy v-day!

Anonymous said...

oh, when are you going to portland. I was thinking of going for spring break to visit Cherie! ~natalie

Paige said...

2 Trips...yes indeedy.

I am wondering why our trip to the gas station bar didn't make the blog cut. This makes me sad.