Friday, August 18, 2006

Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Bad things come in 3's. By 8am, I was 2/3 of the way through my bad karma.

I had fantastic intentions of getting to work at 6am this morning - I really wanted to get out early so I could shop for sparkly shirts to wear in Vegas before my haircut. Unfortunately, my plans were dashed by my burnt out fuel level indicator light. I ran out of gas at 5:45 this morning. "Luckily", I was cresting a hill at the point of empty and was able to cruise the rest of the way down the street and across the highway.

I was able to turn the corner, at which point I jumped out of the jeep and began to push my car the 100 yards uphill to the Valero station. Lovely. Bear in mind, this is Houston and the humidity level is at 100% and it was 6am so the dew was still stagnating in the air. I was unable to get the car close enough to the pump, so I had to buy a gas can. Me and 3 other men were unable to figure out how to use the new fangled gas can, so I just poured the gas in the tank...this resulted in my hands also being covered in gas.

I get enough gas in the car to pull up to the pump and save what is left of my outfit and smelly hands. I fill up, blah blah blah. Go home, change, dry my hair, redo my makeup...still can't get the gas smell off my hands. Go to work - I finally arrive at 7am. So much for sparkly clothes shopping. I wash my hands for the 13th time. Still can't get the smell off.

Me and my smelly hands ( I can smell them right now) go down to get breakfast. On the way, someone decided to slam my foot in the door. Really hard. So hard that we may have to do surgery here at work today. It tore the leather up on my shoes. Bad news. (fyi-that's the second bad thing that happened). Then I tried to eat my grapes, but my hands smell so bad I was totally grossed out. This could be pivotal in my dieting plan.

Nature is out to get me. I hate today. I'm just waiting for the third thing to happen. I will probably slip and fall down the stairs and break my face or something. Lovely.

Karma is paying me back for something...I need to figure out who I pissed off!!

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Anonymous said...

Where are Christy's adventures? Who's going to make me feel better about my life now? Please don't tell me you're perfectly happy...