Monday, December 05, 2005

Mildy offensive material:

A few Happy Holiday Treats from your pal Christy...

A message from our sponsor:

And the lyrics from the all-time WORST Christmas song...EVER. Every Christmas, at my parents church, a huge white man sings this song at the Christmas service. The song is good, the lyrics are good, the singing is good. What is HORRIBLE about this song is that it is sung by a white man...we can barely control our laughter. It is HORRENDOUS.

Sweet little Jesus Boy,
they made you be born in a manger.
Sweet little Holy Child,
didn't know who You was.
Didn't know you come to save us,
Lord;to take our sins away.
Our eyes was blind,
we couldn't see,
we didn't know who You was.
Long time ago, you was born.
Born in a manger low,
Sweet little Jesus Boy.
The world treat You mean, Lord;
treat me mean, too.
But that's how things is down here,
we didn't know t'was You.
You done showed us how,
we is trying.
Master, You done showed us how,
even when you's dying.
Just seem like we can't do right,
look how we treated You.
But please, sir, forgive us Lord,
we didn't know 'twas You.
Sweet little Jesus Boy,
born long time ago.
Sweet little Holy Child,
and we didn't know who You was.

White man, singing THAT song. HI-sterical.

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